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A Very Normal Holiday Special! (w/Maggie Dempsey Pinkawa)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to watch some of the weirdest music videos of all time)! Holiday expert Maggie Dempsey Pinkawa joins us to watch way too many Christmas music videos, from TLC to Wham! to Mariah to ALL THREE versions of Do They Know It’s Christmas. Tonight thank god it’s us instead of you! Listen! Subscribe!

Dixie Chicks (w/Caleb Hearon)

This episode we’re making nice with our guest Caleb Hearon and his favorite band: Dixie Chicks! We chart the Chicks’ journey from small-town dreamers, to brides on the run, to country music’s most outspoken activists (with of course a little murder in between). We also discuss Caleb's plans for a one-man show about Natalie Maines that he plans to perform for Natalie Maines on their next tour so you know what that means: get this this to Natalie Maines! Also listen, subscribe, and try every single hairstyle until one sticks. -- Follow Ryan @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris @chrisjcoffin Follow Caleb @calebsaysthings / @caleb.crossfit

OK Go (w/Sean Coyle)

This episode we’re renting a warehouse, getting math degrees, and color-blocking our outfits to celebrate the videography of OK Go. Sean Coyle joins us on treadmills, zero-gravity flights, and giant Rube Goldberg machines to deconstruct the videos of Chicago’s one-take nerd kings. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Sean: @sean_coyle17 -- Welcome Back is available on Instagram @welcomebackseries

Earnest Videos, or Videos Being Earnest (w/Paula Skaggs)

We’re digging deep, speaking from the heart, and getting earnest with our guest, Paula Skaggs (Being Earnest Podcast)! Paula helps us identify our most honest, open-hearted, and cringingly earnest artists, from Hall-n-Oates to Jewel to Lisa Loeb. Listen, subscribe, and take exactly one Alanis Morissette-inspired flute lesson. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod FOLLOW RYAN: @blackbeltjonz FOLLOW CHRIS: @chrisjcoffin FOLLOW PAULA: @paulaskaggs BEING EARNEST is available wherever podcasts are heard and at

90s Country Pt. 2: Women (w/Cody Ziler)

For part 2 of 90’s Country, we’re joined by known expert Cody Ziler to analyze the videos by the era’s legendary women. We answer all questions, from “Whose ‘How Do I Live’ is better?” to “Is Reba McEntire our greatest living actor?” We hope you listen and subscribe, and of course, we hope you dance. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Cody: @buffalotofu

90s Country Pt. 1: Men (w/Nick Davis)

We’re headed way down yonder for this episode, to a land of tractors, tight jeans, and unreliable sepia-toned memories: 1990s Country! In part one, Nick Davis joins us to tackle the guys left in the CMT wake of Garth Brooks: boot-scooting charmers like Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Chesney and more. Obviously, you’ll want to listen to this one in a truck.

Movie Tie-Ins (w/James Dugan & Ray Glass)

This week we're joined by not one but TWO guests -- the amazing James Dugan (improv! directing!) and the incorrigible Ray Glass (Home Sweet Home Alabama! Welcome to Potbelly!) -- to talk about the videos that soundtracked some of your favorite (or maybe forgotten) films, and that either do or do not have movie clips in them, and that either are or are not on the soundtrack...or something. (Some of us had a little trouble interpreting the theme.) We cover the pageantry of "Batdance," the extravagance of "Lady Marmalade" and the absolutely confounding mystery of "A View to a Kill," plus some diversions into Ray's favorite movie "Rat Race," Ray's favorite band, Jump5, and so much more. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Ray: @rayeglass Follow James: @duganitright -- James Dugan's podcast TALKING SHOP is available at:

The Jonas Brothers (w/Kennedy Baldwin)

The Music Video Podcast returns to tackle 2019’s biggest Pop comeback: The Jonas Brothers! Superfan Kennedy Baldwin joins us to sort through all the sibling rivalries, purity pledges, and of course, the search for the perfect honeymoon castle. We’re covering every detail, whether the Disney princes are time-traveling via ottoman cushions, working on a kids-only cruise ship, or rocking the decade’s widest variety of bangs. -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Kennedy: @kayball96 -- Listen to DEATH AT A BAKE SALE here: -- Watch THAT GAL IN YOUR OFFICE here:

BONUS! 2019 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

It’s a very special episode of the Music Video Podcast as we recap all the wet, flying, confusing moments of MTV’s annual Video Music Awards. From decoy Missy Elliotts to an all-Lil Nas X future to at least one Shawn Mendes performance too many, we watched it all so you don’t have to.

Brandy, With and Without the "Norwood" (w/Devin Henderson)

This episode The Music Video Podcast does a deep dive into one of pop music’s most esteemed one-named wonders: Brandy! Guest Devin Henderson brings the receipts on his all-time favorite singer, and teaches us all about what it takes to be a Brandy superfan. We get into everything: the Kanye collaborations, the Monica feud, and of course, the time she spent having the time of her life in New York City playing Roxie Hart in Chicago, the musical.

Actors Who Tried To Sing (w/Pete Byrne)

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Hollywood “triple threat.” Who doesn’t love a a classic acting-singing-dancing dynamo like…Bruce Willis? Or, um, Jeremy Renner? Or who could forget the musical stylings of Mr. Kevin Costner? This episode, The Music Video Podcast is joined by Pete Byrne to sort through the decades of actors trying to be singers, to varying degrees of success. For every Jennifer Lopez, there is a Tracey Ullman. For every Childish Gambino, a Shaquille O’Neill. Listen! Subscribe! Rate 5 Stars! Don’t quit your day job! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Pete: @mrpetebyrne -- Watch THAT GAL IN YOUR OFFICE here:

The First TRL Top 10 (w/Eric Totheroh)

When you think of the show TRL, you probably think of Carson, Britney, and of course, Monster Magnet and The Goo Goo Dolls, right? Anyone? This week we revisit the first Top Ten videos list from TRL! Eric Totheroh joins us to brave the space invasions of Aerosmith and Marilyn Manson, the dance battles of Usher and Aaliyah, and a couple boy bands just starting their Times Square domination.  -- The Top 10 is: 10. Monster Magnet, “Space Lord” 9. Monica, “The First Night” 8. Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” 7. Usher, “My Way” 6. Marilyn Manson, “The Dope Show” 5. Will Smith, “Just the Two of Us” 4. Aerosmith, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” 3. Aaliyah feat. Timbaland, “Are You That Somebody?” 2. ‘NSYNC, “Tearin’ Up My Heart” 1. Backstreet Boys, “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Eric: @etotheroh

Our Favorite Summer Videos (w/Kristen Hallen)

Summer’s here! Join us down at the beach with Lana Del Ray, Hanson, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and of course, our guest Kristen Hallen! We’re listing our ultimate music videos of summer, featuring Madonna’s mermen, Rihanna’s prescription side effects, and the first-draft rhymes of LFO. Get all your friends to make a Britney Spears “Sometimes” heart on the nearest dock and tune in! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin

Jack White, etc. (w/Jake Wallach)

This episode Jake Wallach (The Gab to-Go!) stops by to dissect the music video career of our favorite petty perfectionist, Jack White. In a career that spans twenty years, three bands, and fifteen albums, Jack is one of pop’s busiest video artists. From DIY Lego projects to post-apacalyptic child regimes to a Hype Williams sex/car metaphor, he’s seen it all. Invite over your “sister,”and watch along (and don’t screw up the guacamole). -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Jake: @jakingphotos

Iconic Choreography (w/Casey Johansen)

On a very special episode this week, we welcome professional dancer Casey Johansen (La-La Land! Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance! The Alejandro video! The Emmys! The Oscars! So much more!) Casey has seen and done it all in the music video world, and he came prepared with behind-the-scenes scoop from rehearsals and Toni Basil sightings in the LA area. Together we're breaking down dancers good (Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul), and dancers…trying (Alanis Morissette, Ed Sheeran). Lace up your jazz shoes and join us as we take a look at our favorite choreography in video history. -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Casey Johansen: @caseyajo -- Stream Hey Hey Ladies (A Demo For Fergie) at:

Pop Punk! (w/Ray Glass)

Sharpie up those Converse and stock up on some guyliner because this week we're tackling Pop Punk! Special guest Ray Glass (Long Time Gone) stops by to reflect on all the sweatbands, skate parks, and awkward angst that circulated in the mid-2000s and beyond. How old actually was Paramore's high school bully? Why did Pete Wentz get all the attention? How did Ray and Chris deal with their respective high school uniforms? Tune in and find out! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Ray Glass: @rayeglass -- See Ray Glass in LONG TIME GONE: A DIXIE CHICKS MUSICAL at iO, Sunday June 23: -- Stream Hey Hey Ladies (A Demo For Fergie) at:

This Week's Billboard Top 20

This week we’re living in the moment and counting down the songs of the Billboard Top 20 and learn that having a good video is not a chart consideration. From the genre fusion of Old Town Road to the general confusion of I Don’t Care, to wigs good (Katy Perry) and bad (Ava Max), we’re leaving no hit unturned. 

The Lonely Island (w/Matt Huppert)

The Music Video Podcast takes on one of their most challenging topics so far: the intentionally-funny The Lonely Island. From their pre-SNL days of DIY videos to the big screen career of Conner4real, the Lonely Island has produced more good videos than the majority of their straight-faced peers. Matt Huppert joins the podcast this week to break down all the Motherloving celebrity cameos, hip-hop cliches, and inside jokes of the group that might literally have changed the way you use the phone you’re holding right now. 

Beyoncé Before BEYONCÉ (w/Nicole Lang)

Before Formation, before Partition, before Drunk In Love, Beyoncé was just a simple legendary superstar dusting her Grammys. Nicole Lang joins the Music Video Podcast to celebrate everything Beyoncé before Beyoncé. From the Freaky Friday cop-swap of If I Were A Boy to the ladies’ night of Get Me Bodied to the literal kitty cat of Kitty Kat, we comb through every detail on the path to Lemonade. Put on your Freakum Dress, your Bettie Page wig, and of course, your robot glove, and join in the fun. Nicole Lang is on Twitter at @becoolnicole and Instagram and @nic0lelang

Goin' Solo

There’s strength in numbers, but that doesn’t stop some members of pop’s biggest groups from sneaking into the solo spotlight. From Sporty Spice to JC Chasez to the other girls of Destiny’s Child (no, the other ones. The other-other ones.), we break down all the ways a group’s second-or-third-okay-fourth in command might try and get a little time on camera by themselves.

Ariana Grande (w/Garrett Williams)

Garrett Williams (The Gab to Go) visits the Music Video Podcast this week to discuss all things Ariana Grande. From high ponies to fake trumpeting to being the CGI center of the universe, Ariana has had the busiest six years of anyone in the music business. We search for meaning in Ariana’s laundromats, dollhouses, and spaceships (and don’t find any, but it’s not a bad way to spend an afternoon/six years).

Jagged Little Pill (w/Jamie Patton)

This week we flash back to 1995 and all the rage (it turns out, very little), silk shirts (so many), and run-on sentences (the most ever) of Alanis Morissette‘s Jagged Little Pill videos. Guest Jamie Patton helps break down the meaning behind the carpools, food fights, and unbroken eye-contact of Canada’s favorite poor-but-kind, short-but-healthy, and sick-but-pretty superstar.

Nü Metal (w/Adam Wynn)

Turn your cap backwards and try not to break anything, because it’s Nu Metal week here at the Music Video Podcast. Chris and Ryan welcome Adam Wynn to the mosh pits, apocalyptic hellscapes, and of course, bedroom-wall-poster-portals of bands like Korn, the Deftones, and POD.

Featuring Nicki Minaj (w/Rebekah Trombley)

This episode Chris, Ryan, and special guest Rebekah Trombley sort through all FIFTY-TWO (so far) of Nicki Minaj’s music video guest appearances to find her best rhymes, wigs, shoes, and of course, threats to her host artists. Watch along as Nicki travels via haunted painting, desert mirage, and spaceship to bring class and shade to the lives of Fergie, Justin Bieber, Ludacris, and so, so, SO many more.

But What I Really Want To Do Is Direct (Something Much Bigger) (w/Chris Arneson)

In this week’s episode we examine the humble music video beginnings of some of Hollywood's biggest directors. Before hitting the silver screen, David Fincher helped Madonna work through her Catholic guilt; Spike Jonze taught Bjork the ole kick-ball-change; and Michel Gondry took The White Stripes on a stop-motion tour of NYC. We discuss all these and more with our guest, Chris Arneson.

Music Videos In Bathrooms

From the beaches of Maui to the neon streets of —JK, these disgusting videos are all set in public restrooms. From Jewel’s cynical busker to George Michael’s randy cop to Lorde’s classic introvert, these pop stars are getting down, opening their hearts, and invading all our privacy. And no, none of them wash their hands afterward.

Backstreet Boys vs. 'N Sync (w/Sam Beaver)

Oh my God, we're back again. The nicest man in comedy, Sam Beaver, joins us to talk everything 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys as we get incredibly deep into the the two premiere boy bands of the TRL era. Who can and cannot dance? Who is and is not allowed to wear a shirt? Join as we talk through Chris Kirkpatrick's one solo, try to understand the ever-changing facial hair situations, share our boy band fantasy drafts, and so much more.

Pop Operas (w/Ashley Ganski)

Comedian, magician, and podcaster Ashley Ganski (Love/Hate) brings us the question: “What is a Pop Opera?” and gets zero satisfying answers. Light the nearest candelabra and listen along as we get tangled the sheer curtains, lightning strikes, and haunted shadows of Axl Rose’s wedding, Bonnie Tyler’s School for Gifted Boys, Reba McEntire’s childhood trauma, and so much more!

No Small Parts (w/Erin Keif)

There are no small parts, but acting in a music video comes close. The talented and hilarious Erin Keif (Hey Riddle Riddle) joins the podcast this week to rate the short-form chops of Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and of course, Mr. Keanu Reeves.

Duets (w/Virginia Muller)

On a very special episode, Chris and Ryan are joined in-studio by a very special guest, the truly spectacular Virginia Muller, to talk about a very special theme: duets! Is any partner worthy of Beyoncé? Is an animated cat the opposite of a human woman? Has Jennifer Lopez ever served her own snacks at a party? Join us as we try to find out, and along the way, cover Barbra Streisand's basement mall, country-crossover Food Network, and Chris's childhood obsession with Garth Brooks.

Not Yet A Woman

This episode, Chris and Ryan grow up a little by tracking the sweaty, dirty journeys of Miley, Christina, and every other pop star who dared enter adulthood by pushing the envelope. From Control to Criminal, find out which kids are all right, and which might need to keep their swagger coaches on retainer for another semester.

Other Jacksons

In Episode 2, we explore the videos of the “other” Jacksons, the third-through-ninth most successful members of the legendary musical dynasty. How many times will we see the staircase at Hayvenhurst? What exactly does it mean for a woman to call herself a centipede? From the cardboard high school of LaToya’s “Heart Don’t Lie,” to the world’s biggest men’s room in Jackie’s “Stay,” we leave no charmingly low-budget stone unturned.

Mariah Carey

In Episode 1, Chris and Ryan dive into the pools, oceans, lakes, and rainstorm-soaked metaphors of “Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey and her nearly three decades long videography! Is Butterfly a horse? Does Mariah really have a good side and a bad side? Whatever happened to Bianca? Tune in and find out!