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Missy Elliott (w/Brad Johnson!)

This episode (our 50th!!!!!!) we’re finally putting our things down, flipping, and reversing over one of the best music video artists of all time: Missy Elliott! Brad Johnson joins us to analyze the sci-fi landscapes, CGI body-morphing, and chill choreography of MTV’s coolest Vanguard. Get the keys to the Jeep, listen, and subscribe!

MOVIE NIGHT: Drive! (w/Carly Heiser)

Buckle up, because this week The Music Video Podcast takes a detour to 2011’s Drive. Our guest Carly Heiser helps navigate the neon lights, moody slow-motion, and dreamy synthwave score of one of the most Music Video films in recent memory. Join us at the movies for ultraviolence, dialogue-free romance, and non-stop driving metaphors. Wear your coolest jacket. -- Follow Carly on Twitch! - twitch.tv/see_twoo Follow Carly on Instagram - @carlytwo Follow Carly on Twitter - @carlytwoo Follow Carly on TikTok - @see_twoo Follow the show on Instagram! @musicvideopod Follow Ryan on Twitter! @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris on Twitter! @chrisjcoffin

Maroon 5 (w/Emily Walters & Kennon McKinney)

This episode we’re focusing on hit-makers Maroon 5. Along with our guests, Emily Walters and Kennon McKinney, we’re finding the inspiration for every tattoo, celebrity cameo, and explosion (more of each than you remember.) We’re digging deep, whether perpetual main character Adam Levine is escaping a bank robbery, getting turned on by a meat locker, or crashing way too many public events. Subscribe! Rate five stars! Move like Jagger!

Ladies Marmalade (w/Colin Rourke)

This episode we’re retracing the paths that led us to one of the seminal moments in music video history: 2001’s Lady Marmalade. Somehow, the fates brought us Missy Elliott, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim, and Christina Aguilera, strutting their stuff down in old Moulin Rouge. Along with our guest Colin Rourke, we’re taking another look at the videos released just before this legendary collab, and determining who worked the hardest to earn their corseted slot in the group. It’s an episode full of medium-difficulty choreography, broad comedy, and of course, that thing where Christina Aguilera’s hoodie is unzipped and inside there’s another Christina Aguilera. Listen! Subscribe! Rate 5 stars!

Whitney Houston (w/Damon Royster)

Every week Ryan says, “This isn’t a songs podcast,” but this episode begs to differ as we focus on one of the most beloved vocalists of all time: Whitney Houston. Along with our guest and Whitney superfan Damon Royster, we’re tracking every step in a videography that includes mistaken identity, a secret affair, and of course, a fur coat floating out to sea. Listen! Subscribe! Rate five stars!

Dolly Goes Pop (w/Robin Dafforn

This episodes brings us a legend of stage, screen, generosity, and wigs: Dolly Parton. We’re focusing on Dolly’s 1980s’ rise to pop and movie stardom, with no (rhine)stone left unturned. Helping us sort through all the high heels, acrylic nails, and angelic harmonies is none other than Robin Dafforn! Listen, subscribe, and rate five stars! Follow us on Instagram @musicvidpod

Britney Before Blackout (w/Jessica Joy)

This episode brings us the ultimate pop star: one Miss Britney Jean Spears. From the not-humble-at-all beginnings of the instant classic Baby One More Time to the not-that-innocent Mars invasion of Oops I Did It Again, we’re covering every moment of choreography, the lowest jeans in history, and the most aggressively lip synced Ls in the business. We’re joined comedy superstar (and Britney superfan) Jessica Joy! FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod FOLLOW RYAN: @blackbeltjonz FOLLOW CHRIS: @chrisjcoffin FOLLOW JESSICA: @j2thajoy

2020 VMAs Recap (w/Ray Glass)

Oh my God, we're back again! Chris and Ryan are joined by MVP-MVP Ray Glass to watch the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards and talk about the nominees for Video of the Year, and simply nothing makes sense. Where are we? Is the theme of this show "New York," "space," or "Toyota"? Why can't Lady Gaga have a california roll? How is Bella Hadid involved in this, and why? We might not have all the answers, but at least we have each other. Let's figure it out together! -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod FOLLOW RYAN: @blackbeltjonz FOLLOW CHRIS: @chrisjcoffin FOLLOW RAY: @rayeglass SUPPORT SARA'S CIRCLE: @sarahs_circle_chicago

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello (w/Andrew Lemna)

This episode we’re focused on pop’s newest maybe-power couple Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Andrew Lemna joins us to suss out all the drama, cliches, and almost-kisses of Shawn and Camila’s oeuvre, alone and together. Whether they’re almost-nailing the easiest choreo of the year, posing for ceiling cams, or hamming it up in Old Hollywood, Shamila (Camawn?) will take you back to the kinder, gentler, mask-free days of February 2020.

Other Boy Bands (w/Michael Erickson)

We’ve covered 'N Sync and Backstreet Boys, and now it’s time for...the “other” boy bands: B and C (and sometimes D) listers like 98 Degrees, Five, and O-Town! Michael Erickson joins us to analyze every oversized costume, beginners’ CGI, and lazy innuendo of pop music’s bench-warmers.

Music Video Crushes! (w/Deanna Ortiz)

This episode we’re joined by the Crushes Podcast’s own Deanna Ortiz to confess and dissect our Music Video crushes. From Huey Lewis over-dressed at the beach, to the glam sci-fi jumpsuits of The Darkness, to literally every friend of Janet Jackson circa 1993, we’re leaving no “Hot or Just Tall” stone unturned. Listen, subscribe, rate five stars, and send us your Music Video crushes! 

TLC (w/Phylicia McLeod)

Put on your silkiest pajamas and hire an entertainment contract lawyer, because this week we’re digging the girl power, dance moves, and drama of TLC! Superstar guest Phylicia McLeod joins us to analyze every crazy, sexy, and cool moment from T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli, all the way from the condom glasses to that time Lil Mama performed with them on television.

Theme Songs...James Bond Theme Songs (w/Derek Martz)

This episode we’re shaken AND stirred from watching every single music video from the James Bond film series. Bond expert Derek Martz joins us to sort through all the tuxedos, green screens, and silhouetted innuendos from the likes of Duran Duran, Sheryl Crow, and of course, Secret Agent Gladys Knight. 

Live From the 2020 Grammys! (w/The Gab To-Go!)

The Gab To-Go's Jake Wallach, Lisa Albano and Garrett Williams join us to talk about all those Grammy moments! We go through the nominees for Best Short Form Video (The Chemical Brothers put a dog in space and FKA Twigs danced on a pole!) and later, recap the award ceremony that some are calling "unhinged" and "way too long." Listen now! -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod FOLLOW RYAN: @blackbeltjonz FOLLOW CHRIS: @chrisjcoffin FOLLOW THE GAB TO-GO: @thegabtogo, @jakingphotos, @lisa.albano, @badboygargar

Annie Lennox (w/Adrienne Teeley)

This episode, we’re taking on one of the original music video influencers: Annie Lennox. Whether solo or with her band Eurythmics, Annie is answering all your questions about period pieces, gender politics, and of course, searching the haunted surf outside your lighthouse with nothing but a blanket and a lantern. Helping us track each flared-nostril Lennox persona is none other than Adrienne Teeley! Listen! Subscribe! Rate five stars!

New Year New Hits! or: The First Top 10 of '20 (Except the Christmas Ones!)

Happy New Year! This episode kicks off 2020 with the videos sending us into a new year: the current Billboard Top Ten. (Well, sort of: we skipped the Christmas ones. That's over!) From Lizzo’s marching band mentor to Post Malone’s medieval journey to at least three people we had never heard of until today, we’re counting down the hits and watching some truly weird videos. Subscribe and rate five stars!

Selena Gomez (w/Lisa Albano)

This week we're joined by comic, friend, and Selenator Lisa Albano (The Gab to-Go) to finally finish what Nicki Minaj started: keeping an eye out for Selener! We cover Selena Gomez from her work with The Scene (when she wears a fancy dress in "Who Says" but also gets really casual) to her work IN a scene (the Godard-inspired antics of "Back to You")! Plus, Lisa gives us a dramatic reading of the intro to "The Heart Wants What It Wants" that tugs everyone's heartstrings. Listen, learn, rate five stars!

A Very Normal Holiday Special! (w/Maggie Dempsey Pinkawa)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (to watch some of the weirdest music videos of all time)! Holiday expert Maggie Dempsey Pinkawa joins us to watch way too many Christmas music videos, from TLC to Wham! to Mariah to ALL THREE versions of Do They Know It’s Christmas. Tonight thank god it’s us instead of you! Listen! Subscribe!

The Chicks (w/Caleb Hearon)

This episode we’re making nice with our guest Caleb Hearon and his favorite band: The Chicks! We chart the Chicks’ journey from small-town dreamers, to brides on the run, to country music’s most outspoken activists (with of course a little murder in between). We also discuss Caleb's plans for a one-man show about Natalie Maines that he plans to perform for Natalie Maines on their next tour so you know what that means: get this this to Natalie Maines! Also listen, subscribe, and try every single hairstyle until one sticks. This episode was recorded in November 2019 while The Chicks were using a previous name. -- Follow Ryan @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris @chrisjcoffin Follow Caleb @calebsaysthings / @caleb.crossfit

OK Go (w/Sean Coyle)

This episode we’re renting a warehouse, getting math degrees, and color-blocking our outfits to celebrate the videography of OK Go. Sean Coyle joins us on treadmills, zero-gravity flights, and giant Rube Goldberg machines to deconstruct the videos of Chicago’s one-take nerd kings. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Sean: @sean_coyle17 -- Welcome Back is available on Instagram @welcomebackseries

Earnest Videos, or Videos Being Earnest (w/Paula Skaggs)

We’re digging deep, speaking from the heart, and getting earnest with our guest, Paula Skaggs (Being Earnest Podcast)! Paula helps us identify our most honest, open-hearted, and cringingly earnest artists, from Hall-n-Oates to Jewel to Lisa Loeb. Listen, subscribe, and take exactly one Alanis Morissette-inspired flute lesson. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod FOLLOW RYAN: @blackbeltjonz FOLLOW CHRIS: @chrisjcoffin FOLLOW PAULA: @paulaskaggs BEING EARNEST is available wherever podcasts are heard and at https://www.beingearnestpod.com/

90s Country Pt. 2: Women (w/Cody Ziler)

For part 2 of 90’s Country, we’re joined by known expert Cody Ziler to analyze the videos by the era’s legendary women. We answer all questions, from “Whose ‘How Do I Live’ is better?” to “Is Reba McEntire our greatest living actor?” We hope you listen and subscribe, and of course, we hope you dance. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Cody: @buffalotofu

90s Country Pt. 1: Men (w/Nick Davis)

We’re headed way down yonder for this episode, to a land of tractors, tight jeans, and unreliable sepia-toned memories: 1990s Country! In part one, Nick Davis joins us to tackle the guys left in the CMT wake of Garth Brooks: boot-scooting charmers like Tim McGraw, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kenny Chesney and more. Obviously, you’ll want to listen to this one in a truck.

Movie Tie-Ins (w/James Dugan & Ray Glass)

This week we're joined by not one but TWO guests -- the amazing James Dugan (improv! directing!) and the incorrigible Ray Glass (Home Sweet Home Alabama! Welcome to Potbelly!) -- to talk about the videos that soundtracked some of your favorite (or maybe forgotten) films, and that either do or do not have movie clips in them, and that either are or are not on the soundtrack...or something. (Some of us had a little trouble interpreting the theme.) We cover the pageantry of "Batdance," the extravagance of "Lady Marmalade" and the absolutely confounding mystery of "A View to a Kill," plus some diversions into Ray's favorite movie "Rat Race," Ray's favorite band, Jump5, and so much more. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Ray: @rayeglass Follow James: @duganitright -- James Dugan's podcast TALKING SHOP is available at: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/talking-shop-w-james-dugan-rob-grabowski/id1453802638

The Jonas Brothers (w/Kennedy Baldwin)

The Music Video Podcast returns to tackle 2019’s biggest Pop comeback: The Jonas Brothers! Superfan Kennedy Baldwin joins us to sort through all the sibling rivalries, purity pledges, and of course, the search for the perfect honeymoon castle. We’re covering every detail, whether the Disney princes are time-traveling via ottoman cushions, working on a kids-only cruise ship, or rocking the decade’s widest variety of bangs. -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Kennedy: @kayball96 -- Listen to DEATH AT A BAKE SALE here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1481011436 -- Watch THAT GAL IN YOUR OFFICE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQLfdWk4JqU

BONUS! 2019 MTV Video Music Awards Recap

It’s a very special episode of the Music Video Podcast as we recap all the wet, flying, confusing moments of MTV’s annual Video Music Awards. From decoy Missy Elliotts to an all-Lil Nas X future to at least one Shawn Mendes performance too many, we watched it all so you don’t have to.

Brandy, With and Without the "Norwood" (w/Devin Henderson)

This episode The Music Video Podcast does a deep dive into one of pop music’s most esteemed one-named wonders: Brandy! Guest Devin Henderson brings the receipts on his all-time favorite singer, and teaches us all about what it takes to be a Brandy superfan. We get into everything: the Kanye collaborations, the Monica feud, and of course, the time she spent having the time of her life in New York City playing Roxie Hart in Chicago, the musical.

Actors Who Tried To Sing (w/Pete Byrne)

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned Hollywood “triple threat.” Who doesn’t love a a classic acting-singing-dancing dynamo like…Bruce Willis? Or, um, Jeremy Renner? Or who could forget the musical stylings of Mr. Kevin Costner? This episode, The Music Video Podcast is joined by Pete Byrne to sort through the decades of actors trying to be singers, to varying degrees of success. For every Jennifer Lopez, there is a Tracey Ullman. For every Childish Gambino, a Shaquille O’Neill. Listen! Subscribe! Rate 5 Stars! Don’t quit your day job! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Pete: @mrpetebyrne -- Watch THAT GAL IN YOUR OFFICE here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQLfdWk4JqU

The First TRL Top 10 (w/Eric Totheroh)

When you think of the show TRL, you probably think of Carson, Britney, and of course, Monster Magnet and The Goo Goo Dolls, right? Anyone? This week we revisit the first Top Ten videos list from TRL! Eric Totheroh joins us to brave the space invasions of Aerosmith and Marilyn Manson, the dance battles of Usher and Aaliyah, and a couple boy bands just starting their Times Square domination.  -- The Top 10 is: 10. Monster Magnet, “Space Lord” 9. Monica, “The First Night” 8. Goo Goo Dolls, “Iris” 7. Usher, “My Way” 6. Marilyn Manson, “The Dope Show” 5. Will Smith, “Just the Two of Us” 4. Aerosmith, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” 3. Aaliyah feat. Timbaland, “Are You That Somebody?” 2. ‘NSYNC, “Tearin’ Up My Heart” 1. Backstreet Boys, “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Eric: @etotheroh

Our Favorite Summer Videos (w/Kristen Hallen)

Summer’s here! Join us down at the beach with Lana Del Ray, Hanson, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and of course, our guest Kristen Hallen! We’re listing our ultimate music videos of summer, featuring Madonna’s mermen, Rihanna’s prescription side effects, and the first-draft rhymes of LFO. Get all your friends to make a Britney Spears “Sometimes” heart on the nearest dock and tune in! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin