Movie Tie-Ins (w/James Dugan & Ray Glass)

This week we're joined by not one but TWO guests -- the amazing James Dugan (improv! directing!) and the incorrigible Ray Glass (Home Sweet Home Alabama! Welcome to Potbelly!) -- to talk about the videos that soundtracked some of your favorite (or maybe forgotten) films, and that either do or do not have movie clips in them, and that either are or are not on the soundtrack...or something. (Some of us had a little trouble interpreting the theme.) We cover the pageantry of "Batdance," the extravagance of "Lady Marmalade" and the absolutely confounding mystery of "A View to a Kill," plus some diversions into Ray's favorite movie "Rat Race," Ray's favorite band, Jump5, and so much more. -- FOLLOW THE SHOW: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Ray: @rayeglass Follow James: @duganitright -- James Dugan's podcast TALKING SHOP is available at: