The Chicks (w/Caleb Hearon)

This episode we’re making nice with our guest Caleb Hearon and his favorite band: The Chicks! We chart the Chicks’ journey from small-town dreamers, to brides on the run, to country music’s most outspoken activists (with of course a little murder in between). We also discuss Caleb's plans for a one-man show about Natalie Maines that he plans to perform for Natalie Maines on their next tour so you know what that means: get this this to Natalie Maines! Also listen, subscribe, and try every single hairstyle until one sticks. This episode was recorded in November 2019 while The Chicks were using a previous name. -- Follow Ryan @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris @chrisjcoffin Follow Caleb @calebsaysthings / @caleb.crossfit