Iconic Choreography (w/Casey Johansen)

On a very special episode this week, we welcome professional dancer Casey Johansen (La-La Land! Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance! The Alejandro video! The Emmys! The Oscars! So much more!) Casey has seen and done it all in the music video world, and he came prepared with behind-the-scenes scoop from rehearsals and Toni Basil sightings in the LA area. Together we're breaking down dancers good (Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul), and dancers…trying (Alanis Morissette, Ed Sheeran). Lace up your jazz shoes and join us as we take a look at our favorite choreography in video history. -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Casey Johansen: @caseyajo -- Stream Hey Hey Ladies (A Demo For Fergie) at: https://soundcloud.com/chris-coffin/hey-hey-ladies