Pop Punk! (w/Ray Glass)

Sharpie up those Converse and stock up on some guyliner because this week we're tackling Pop Punk! Special guest Ray Glass (Long Time Gone) stops by to reflect on all the sweatbands, skate parks, and awkward angst that circulated in the mid-2000s and beyond. How old actually was Paramore's high school bully? Why did Pete Wentz get all the attention? How did Ray and Chris deal with their respective high school uniforms? Tune in and find out! -- Follow the show: @musicvideopod Follow Ryan: @blackbeltjonz Follow Chris: @chrisjcoffin Follow Ray Glass: @rayeglass -- See Ray Glass in LONG TIME GONE: A DIXIE CHICKS MUSICAL at iO, Sunday June 23: https://www.ioimprov.com/event/1855985-long-time-gone-dixie-chicks-chicago/ -- Stream Hey Hey Ladies (A Demo For Fergie) at: https://soundcloud.com/chris-coffin/hey-hey-ladies